You can use Openship to decide how orders are routed and fulfilled. This is done by adding fulfillment channels where orders can be created. That channel will handle fulfillment and send Openship tracking information that will be added to Shopify for you. This fulfillment and channel information is saved to the order directly on Shopify. This information can be used by your customer service team to see how the order was fulfilled, check on the fulfillment, and handle returns if need be. Learn more about this here.


Basic concepts


Shops represent your online stores where orders are placed. We currently only support Shopify for now, but plan to support others in the near future. Unlimited shops can be connected to your account.


Channels represent destinations where your orders can be routed. A channel could be an existing platform like your supplier's Shopify shop or a 3PL solution like FBA or ShipBob. It could also be something very simple like adding a row to a Google Sheet or sending an email with the order details. Openship currently only supports Shopify as a channel type, but custom channels can be created. Check out this guide to learn more.


Matches represent a link between your shop products and your channel products. When a match is created between a shop product and channel product, Openship will automatically process that order. Matches can be easily be changed between your channel products so you are not locked-in to any one vendor, supplier, or fulfillment system as you scale.